Condolence Visit of Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji

The General Evangelist CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Prophet/Evangelist Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji visited the family of the late Prophet Olowere. In his company were many great men of God which includes Prophet Alalade, Pastor Adebowale, Prophet Adegboye, Prophetess Deborah Ojo, Lady Evangelist Olukotun, Pastor G.S Dada, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro amongst others.

The house was filled with both genders who came to pay homage to the late Prophet. Around 8:45am on the 11th of July,2023, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji stepped his feet into the compound of the late Prophet Olowere, and the first words he uttered were songs of Praise to God who called the Prophet home.

Pastor J.O Makinwa introduced the different ministers present and finally Prophet Hezekiah. He also made it known that Prophet Hezekiah came back from the UK because of this visitation to the family of Olowere.

Prophet Hezekiah expressed his love to the family of Olowere as he prostrated to greet the wife of the late Prophet Olowere as a child to the late Lord’s servant who slept in the Lord.


He said, “My father Olowere is a builder of men”. He revealed to the house that Prophet Olowere once told him that he would go to be with the Lord over three years ago. Olowere is a call that CAC can’t forget, but he has gone to the path of the beloved Abraham.

He revealed that Baba Olowere once asked him that “When he was gone where would he sleep in this whole compound”?

Prophet Hezekiah told all those around, “Now the work he has done before he left, is left for us to build”. He said to all within the compound that, I want you to go home with something because the house of Olowere is a “Power House” it is a place where God respond to all things.

Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye made clear that the truth is, if Baba Olowere loves you, he would strongly rebuke whatever you are doing wrongly, in fact, Baba Olowere taught him how to fast and pray on the trees.

Prophet Hezekiah asked a question from all the visitors and the question was “What painful sacrifices have you observed or gone through for your generation and family”?

He also made it known that “God told him right now that He will distribute a lot of gifts at the funeral of Olowere because his call has made provision for all”. Prophet Hezekiah gave a gift to the family of the Late Prophet Olowere. He asked a few of the people around who Prophet Olowere was to them. The respondents said he was their ‘watchword’, while some said ‘he is a living Bible that all read and would continue to read.’

If Prophet Olowere can die, then who are you and I that death will not kill one day in respective of our positions of authority? If you think of this well, you will repent from your wicked ways.

He said ‘Prophet Olowere is my father, but it was like the time of King David when he was leaving, A great fear came upon the children of Israel, but it was important that David go, same as Prophet Olowere.’

He advised the church of Christ in general that as believers we must take after his steps and lifestyles. Prophet Hezekiah declared that Prophet Olowere was his own father, mentor as well as his own prophet, to this effect he said, he was the one that Prophet Olowere’s death pained the most.



He advised the family of the demised that their lifestyle should depict the lifestyle of their father Olowere. And for Nigeria in general, many great men have contributed to the growth of this country so it is expected that we should all take our steps and stand for what is expected because Olowere has done his own part and he has gone, so we all in the nation should take our own steps of faith.






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