Bunmi Akinaanu was anointed with oil and her cup ran over at the Erio’23 Power Explosion. In a world that seems in constant motion, finding solace and peace becomes a rare and precious gift due to how sweet the name of Jesus is. Amidst the chaos of everyday life, there are moments when we long to escape to a serene place, away from the hustle and bustle.

Bunmi Akinaanu receives an anointing

Bunmi Akinnanu a.k.a Omije Oju mi said during her ministration that “For many, mountains offer a sanctuary that allows for deep reflection and spiritual connections”. She embraced the opportunity to be on the Erio Ekiti mountain for the first time as she ministered and she had a profound sense of gratitude for the privilege to minister in songs.

Bunmi Akinaanu

There is an inherent magnificence in mountains that captivates and humbles us. Standing tall and steadfast, she reminds us of the vastness and grandeur of the natural world. When we ascend a mountain, we leave behind the noise and distractions of the plains below, entering a realm where the air feels purer, and our senses become heightened. It is in this tranquil setting that we often find ourselves drawn to prayer.

Bunmi Akinaanu prayed for

At the cause of Minister Bunmi Akinaanu’s ministration, she led the people to a sense of great perspective despite her first time on the mountain. She led the people to understand that ascending a mountain like Erio requires effort and determination which should never be a wasted effort.

Bunmi Akinaanu Ministering

Minister and Lady/ Evangelist Bunmi Akinaanu expressed her gratitude to God and to Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji for the opportunity. At a height in her ministration, Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji poured a jar of anointing oil on her head.


She was with great gratitude to God, and the anointing symbolizes a ‘reappointment’ according to the words of Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji.


Let us know your thoughts about her ministration and her experience at the Erio’23 Power Explosion.

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