From: The office of the General Evangelist
To: All Regional Revivalist


I have been instructed by our father, Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji, the General Evangelist of CAC Nigeria & Overseas, to convey the following messages:

a. To express gratitude to everyone for their valuable contributions towards the development of the Evangelical arm of CAC Nigeria & Overseas.

b. To remind everyone that tomorrow has been designated as “CAC National Prophetic Day ” by the Church Authority. Please ensure that it is coordinated effectively and efficiently.

c. All Regional Revivalists are urged to take the responsibility of announcing the upcoming “2024 EPIC” (Conference of All Evangelist, Planters, Prophets & Prophetesses) between June 3rd – 7th. The registration is currently underway, and all payments should be made into the designated Evangelical bank account. UBA Account, 1025677071 account name: CAC World Evangelistic Outreach.

d. All Revivalists are expected to work diligently in their respective jurisdictions to register ALL Evangelists, Planters, Prophets & Prophetesses within their Region for accurate records & data purposes.

e. Let All Regional Revivalist to furnish the office of the General Evangelist with the projected number of participants from their Region for logistics purposes.

Your maximum cooperation is highly expected for greater success.

Thanks for the great efforts and continuity in the Lord.

Yours in His services,

Signed: Pastor Joseph Olumide Makinwa
Secretary, CAC World Evangelistic Outreach

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