Condolence Visit of Prophet Akinola  Fashawe to the House of Prophet M.O Olowere.

One of the Pastors  in Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Fashawe, a notable man of  paid a condolence visit to the family of Late Prophet M.O Olowere .

He said, “Baba is my father and I am his son“. Many people might not be aware of this, but Baba had made a lot of positive influence on myself and my ministry.

It is obvious Whenever people come across me they  know that it was Baba Olowere that trained me, there was no time Baba would sees me that he won’t have something to say to me.

In fact, in Christ Apostolic Church such an hero, their impact can’t be forgotten. It might seem difficult for us to find someone as a replicant because everyone has different gifts and abilities spiritually.

Prophet Fashawe said for the (Automatic Ministry) it is a key given to Baba Olowere by God because each and every prophet has his or her own key.

The truth is that those keys are covenant, and as far as he was concerned, covenant doesn’t die, everything in life can die but covenant is a constant operation of God’s works in men’s life that can never die.

Prophet Fashawe made it know that if Automatic Ministry calls him for any ministration even after the demise of Baba, he would honor such invite because he can never be too busy to honor his source.

God uses the Automatic Ministry for both the young and old, states and nations and it is being backed up with  lots of testimonies.

Fashawe advised Nigerians that God is not interested in their success but is interested on how you become successful.

So we all as Nigerians, should stand upright in anything we are doing and follow the steps our father Prophet M.O Olowere has laid down because there are lots of lessons to learn from him.

And this should be a lesson to all young adults because many of the younger people do not have energy for patience anymore.

We do want to wait again in Nigeria, we are all in haste to get what we can’t manage.

He also advised the family the late Prophet left behind to keep up with the legacy their father Olowere laid down for them all.

Also one of our fathers in the body of Christ, Pastor Farayola Olakunle Joseph, in his words  said he ( Prophet Olowere)  was a spiritual and physical father to him and he was his son.

He has lived with baba from his childhood age.

He has been with Pastor  Olowere for more than forty (40) years ago, so “I can tell that Baba Olowere is a true child of God and he is very accommodative and accessible”. Baba loved people.

Pastor Farayola advised the Church of Christ and  Nigeria as a whole that they try and replicate the image of Baba Prophet Olowere.

He said, these days many of the prophets that we have today are after the things of this world.

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