The WIFE of Late Prophet  Ojo Olowere Cried While the Good Heart of   Her Late Husband.

Mummy Rachel Olowere  associate all  glory  to the Lord, ever since her husband Michael Ojo Olowere died. The Lord never forsake her and the family at large. The Lord usually sends comfort and strength to her and she is surrounded with people of Love.

She advised all the people of Nigeria that they should trust in the Lord and their faith in the Lord should be uncompromising.

He is the owner of our lives and he can do anything with it as it pleases Him.

Mama Olowere said “My husband Olowere trusted the Lord even to the point of death, and he used all his life to serve the Lord”.

For this reason let us to serve  the Lord because it is the Lord that blesses, it is the Lord that increases a soul, it is the same God that can make anyone great in life.

Whatever you ask the Lord He will do it because you put your trust in Him and His might, if you really trust in the Lord you will never be ashamed.

She advised that we should all take our stand in the Lord consistently and firmly, we should also work for the Lord in the space of evangelism with all our heart, soul, and mind.

Olowere was always busy with prayers and the work of God, and he is not always at home but out there doing the work of the gospel.

When you are of the Lord, he can do anything with your life”.

She was glad because when her husband died, Islamic believers were pained because his life touched everyone of them because he loved and raised everyone.

So I will say that we should allow God to be revealed in our lives and in the lives of anyone that come across us.                                                       

My husband has left everything to our hands, so we are the ones to make sure that the works he left behind does not die with his name.

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