Lagos, Nigeria, is brimming with a diverse array of events and vibrant parties that promise to captivate you from sunset to sunrise. From cultural gatherings to pulsating nightlife experiences, the city offers a dynamic range of options to suit every preference.

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Fashion, is however a major a means of communication and showcase of groups in prints and styles in Nigerian parties. Clothing is bold, colourful and majorly uniformed.

A lot of people make their own clothes, using parties as a way of advertising their services as stylists and tailors. It’s a fashion choice and an economic necessity, which eventually came about the name Aso Ebi among the western part of Nigeria.

Aso ebi, sometimes spelled as asoebi in Nigeria and ashobie in Sierra Leone and the Gambia is a uniform dress or dressing code/style that is traditionally worn by the Yoruba People and culturized by some other African cultures as an indicator of cooperation, camaraderie and solidarity during ceremonies, events and festive periods. The purpose of wearing the dress can be to serve as self-identification with age mates, relatives or friends during social occasions.

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The word aso in Yoruba means cloth and ebi denotes family, so aso ebi can be described as a family cloth usually worn during family ceremonies like weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, birthdays etc. The practice has now spread beyond family dressing because strangers of a celebrant can wear the aso ebi.

Tomike Adeoye is a Nigerian actor, entrepreneur, radio and TV personality, vlogger, Award Winning Brand Influencer, Media Personality, Microbiologist and Brand Ambassador for Maltina and other organizations.

She came to the limelight for her role as Tania in a popular TV series called Jenifa’s Diary. She started her career as a Radio and TV presenter before delving into acting.  The rising star has worked with top brands like Jumia Nigeria and Makari.

Since her presence, she has identified as a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit and also a Jesus Baby who goes about with her identity despite her social life and influence. She called her fans her family members and in turn as the head of the family came out with the name Olori Ebi (head of the family).

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The Olori Ebi, is the family head, the president of the meeting who wields considerable administrative and executive power on behalf of the group.

On 1st November 2023, Tomike Adeoye took to her social media pages to announce her first Family Party themed ‘Party With Olori Ebi’ and since then, the Sales of Aso Ebi has been going on for the ceremony and some bundles are sold out already. She has also started the preparation for the venue, souvenirs, decorations and everything to make the Lagos party a success.


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Lagos, Nigeria is ready to party with Olori Ebi as we move to the Yuletide season of the year, get ready!!.

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