A Unique Act: Apeke Ola At Babalola Power Explosion’24

A Night of Divine Encounter: Apeke Ola dazzles at the Babalola Power explosion 2024


What an amazing night it was at the Babalola Power Explosion 24 when Apeke Ola graced the stage! With over 5,000 people gathered, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement on June 27, 2024. Apeke Ola, a singer like no other, led everyone into a worship session filled with spirit and fire that set hearts ablaze and made the heavens ring with praise. Her hit song “Aye Opeyo was like the cherry on top of an unforgettable night of worship and celebration. 

When the sun dipped below the horizon, something magical happened at Erio Mountain. Apeke Ola, with her captivating presence, took centre stage and began a truly divine worship session. Her delightful voice guided the crowd into a deeper connection with something bigger than themselves. The energy was electric as she sang, igniting a spark in each listener’s spirit.


The Anthem of Joy: “Aye Opeyo”

Then came the highlight of the evening: Apeke Ola’s performance of “Aye Opeyo,” meaning “There’s a reason to give thanks.” The crowd erupted in joy, singing along as their voices reached up to the sky. The atmosphere was filled with gratitude and happiness, reminding everyone that there’s always a reason to give thanks, even in tough times. 

the worship session was full of lively dancing and praises that spread like wildfire. Everyone moved as one, celebrating life and freedom with every step and clap. The crowd pulsed with incredible energy and the mountain was saturated with the holy spirit. It was a night where many people’s sorrow faded in the face of overwhelming joy. 

As the stars faded into the sky, signalling the end of an incredible night, it was clear that something special had taken place at Erio Mountain. The General evangelist of the CAC Prophet was moved by her performance. He prayed for her and husband and spoke prophetic words into her life.  Apeke Ola’s performance touched hearts through sheer worship and praise. This wasn’t just a performance; it was a ministration that moved the heavens. It was an experience that every attendee and viewer will treasure for years to come.

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