Dunsin Oyekan’s Journey Through “Keys” – The Experience ’18

Dunsin Oyekan, widely known as The Eagle, recently sparked a sensation during The Experience’18 Concert with a remarkable musical transition across six distinct keys. His performance left an indelible mark on the audience, resonating as an internet sensation.

Dunsin Oyekan at the Experience '18

In an earlier interview with Limitless Gen on YouTube, Minister Dunsin Oyekan had emphasized the pursuit of excellence in worship. He passionately advocated for not just singing for the sake of it but aiming for excellence, considering it as an indispensable tool in this generation. You can watch the video below.

Fast forward eight months from the interview, Minister Dunsin Oyekan astounded the world with his extraordinary worship of The Way Maker. His seamless transition through Key C, A, C, A, C# and B, leading millions of on-site and online attendees, was nothing short of breathtaking.


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It is worthy of note that Minister Dunsin Oyekan was at The Living Faith Church for the Shiloh 2023 Program (Redeemed to Flourish in Hard Times) to minister before stopping by the Redemption City (RCCG) for the Holy Ghost Congress December 2023 (Divine Repositioning) to bless lives through worship.



Dunsin’s ability to weave sweet melodies, effortlessly transition across diverse keys, and lead people in a heartfelt worship that brings God and man into communion is a testament to his commitment to excellence in worship. Through this remarkable performance, he elevated the worship experience, leading listeners to the very throne of heaven. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO OF THE TRANSITIONING BELOW.

Dunsin Oyekan continues to inspire upcoming and known worship leaders that worshipping The Way Maker must be done in an equally excellent manner. You can’t neglect the place of excellence in the worship of God. Read more about The Experience ’18 HERE

What is your take on The Experience ’18? What are your interesting moments and major highlights for you? Drop them in the comment section.


Written by: Raymond Oluyede (PHMedia)


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