The Vatican Press Apologizes for Pope’s Homophobic Slur

The Vatican press issued a statement after Pope Francis made a derogatory remark that sparked outrage. The pope has apologised for using offensive slang during a private bishop’s meeting. The director of the Vatican press office further stressed that the pope did not intend to offend or express himself in homophobic terms.


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Pope Francis’s recent comments at the Italian Bishops’ Conference sparked controversy due to his use of derogatory language when discussing the suitability of gay men for the priesthood. On May 20, during a Q&A session attended by over 200 clergy members, Pope Francis was asked if gay men should be allowed to train for the priesthood as long as they remain celibate. In response, he asserted that they should not be allowed, using the term “frociaggine,” which translates to “fagotry,” a highly offensive term in Italian.

This incident is surprising given Pope Francis’s previous statements and actions that seemed supportive of the LGBTQ community. Early in his papacy, he famously remarked, “Who am I to judge?” when asked about gay individuals. Additionally, he has been credited with making the Roman Catholic Church more welcoming towards LGBTQ people, such as by allowing priests to bless same-sex marriages last year, despite facing criticism from conservative factions within the Church.

There are rumors of embarrassment and concern over the potential impact on Pope Francis’s reputation and past efforts to create a more inclusive church environment. Some speculate that, despite the offensive language, the Pope might have been trying to clarify the Church’s stance on celibacy and the priesthood. However, his choice of words has undoubtedly overshadowed any such intentions.

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