Olorungbemi  Oluwaseunarafunmi Isaiah professionally known as Seun Hara is one of Nigeria’s Talented and dynamic Worship Music Minister, He is a prolific Songwriter and skilled Singer, known for his gospel singles like Oluwosan, I Believe, You Will Speak and more…

Seun Hara brings home the native language worship, style rendering ministrations that has blessed people and leaving them in a spiritual Point of total acknowledgment of the presence of God. He is also an Ardent soul winner as his songs make GOD’S presence real to his listeners.

He’s the visionary and captain of the Growing Gospel media house making waves all across social media platforms by the name INTIMATE WORSHIPPERS. This channel has kept many close to the realities of GOD, following the legacy of other Gospel Platforms as they access gospel contents daily.
He is a lover of God and one who understands the place of intensive and intimate worship to God.

seun Hara

Seun Hara released a live video recording On Sunday, 10th November 2023 titled The Oluwosan after releasing the audio on Friday, 8th November 2023.

The Nigerian music minister stated that;

‘The Oluwosan is a song of acknowledgment, with the understanding that healing is not for the sick alone. Healing can come in any way to anyone Ranging from financial to marital to spiritual and every other aspect of life. So it’s a song of we acknowledging the healing powers of God over all’

Seun Hara also recently released a live recording track titled Oba which he described as a way to acknowledge God and crown Him King.

However, The Oluwosan track has been first released in 2017 off his first album titled The Oluwosan which also contains 6 other tracks. He was able to redo the track in a live recording with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The track also Featured two energetic and spirit filled worshippers; Minister Eyinjuolodumare and Minister Mayowa Dynamics.


Watch The Oluwosan Video below


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