Helen Paul is a Nigerian comedian, singer, and actress. She is also a stand-up comedian, known as Tatafo, characterized by a voice range that makes her sound like a child.

She graduated with a doctorate in Theater Arts from the University of Lagos.

Helen Paul broke out as a naughty comic character on the radio program Wetin Dey on Radio Continental 102.3FM, Lagos. She was known on the programme as “Tatafo“, a witty kid who addresses and lampoons societal issues in a satirical manner. She also presented programmes on TVC and Naija FM 102.7

In 2022, she was announced as the HOD of the Arts, Music, and Entertainment Department at Heart International University in the United States. She is a professor in the United States Of America

helen paul

The Nigerian comedian, revealed how she grew up to become a successful personality despite being mocked and ridiculed as a child. She shared her life story at the just concluded annual Excellence in Leadership Conference at Daystar Christian Center, Ikeja Lagos on 3rd November 2023 disclosing that she was born out of rape.

According to Helen Paul, her aunties and their neighbors called her a bastard, making mockery of her. She also lived and grew up with her grandmother and recalled how her aunties would warn her grandmother not to use her allowance on her.

However, her grandmother  urged her to stay focused on becoming someone significant in life. She said,

Some of us can’t take rejection. Some of us don’t know that our words can make someone feel rejected forever but it worked for me differently.

“I was born out of rape and I grew up with my grandmother, where everyone in the area called me a bastard. So I grew up hearing that I’m a bastard.

“When my aunties come to give grandma money for feeding, they will say ‘Don’t use this money to take care of one bastard child, use it to take care of yourself and buy your medicine’.

“Once they leave, mama would turn to me and speak in pidgin;

‘you don hear wetin dem aunty dem dey talk, na so this world be o. Na people wey suppose be your mama blood be that oh but dem don tell you who you be. If you like, grow up, forget yourself, say if person no do well, nobody they celebrate ham’.”

But today, I am a comedian in Nigeria and a professor in the United States.

The 45 years old professor Helen Paul, though born out of rape didn’t let societal talks get to her, she turned he lemons into lemonade and today she’s an icon and legend for others to emulate. She didn’t let her background determine who she is or let it put her back on the ground. Despite not shown so much love, she still gave out love to others and today she’s sharing her inspiring story for every young and old adult and teach us that life is full of ups and downs so while we use our strengths, we can work on our weaknesses.

She also said she prayed about everything including who she works with and her education and also encouraged that God answers every prayer just depending if your heart is pure.

John 4:24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Worshiping God in spirit and in truth deals with worshipping and praying with a good heart and a pure heart. Jesus also explained this that true worship of God does not require one to be Jewish, or Samaritan, or be from a particular tribe or denomination or in the temple, or on the mountain. Rather, true worship requires spirit and truth, and God is seeking those who want Him in this way.


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