Pastor Kesiena Henry Esiri is a Warri based Preacher, Author, husband, father nike vapor max cleveland browns shoes for sale nike vapor max adidas yeezy boost 350 turtle dove jordan air force 1 best human hair wigs for black females custom maple leafs jersey air jordan 1 element max white shoes nike air max alpha trainer 5 custom stitched nfl jersey nike air max pre day yeezy 450 dark slate philadelphia eagles crocs air jordan retro 1 mid casual shoes and researcher. He is the Pointman of the Remnant Christian Network, Warri.

pastor kesiena

Pastor Kesiena during one of his messages described how he watched one of TD Jakes program  where he was about to start his ministration and was introduced by his wife, Serita Jakes.

Serita Jakes started the introduction by first telling a true story about their lives and how she got paralyzed few days after they Got married. She was involved in an accident that got her paralyzed from head to toe. She described how her husband kept praying for her and helping her off the bed to getting on her on a wheel chair.

She further talked about the faith in had in God by going to his cave to pray and come back to her to teach her how to take a step no matter how hard it is and at some point she prayed to God to take her life because she thought she wouldn’t be able to live up to her husbands expectation and won’t also be able to walk again.

After some days, she was able to take a step and this energized Bishop Jakes faith that he kept going back to his cave to pray so she can take some more steps. And then she concluded the introduction by saying that same man will come on stage and all he’ll do is teach and tell everyone in attendance to take a step.

This message teaches two things; First is the Prayer Altar, The second is the Faith to take a step. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. From this particular message, we see that the central feature of faith is confident or trust.

Also, prayer is arguably one of the most valuable spiritual disciplines there is. A prayer altar gives you the opportunity to magnify it. A prayer altar is a place of interaction between heaven and earth. It is a place of sacrifice where sacrifices of praise, intercessions, and supplications are offered to God. It is a place of consecration and devotion unto God. It is a place of exchange; it is also a place of intervention.



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