Apostle Arome Osayi is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, author, mentor, enmax white shoes yeezy 450 dark slate nike air max pre day personalized celtics jersey custom nfl football jerseys adidas that look like yeezys adidas yeezy slide onyx custom youth nfl jersey custom maple leafs jersey air jordan 11 cmft low velvet rose personal water based lubricant air jordan 11 cmft low nike air max 270 men’s crown skinless skin condoms best human hair wigs for black females trepreneur and philanthropist. He is the President of Remnant Christian Network, Global, a non-denominational ministry headquartered in Makurdi, Benue state with apostolic centers in Lagos, Kaduna, Enugu, Ibadan, Calabar and Canada and a host of mission outreaches within and outside Nigeria.

apostle Arome Osayi

During his message titled; What Will You Do With The Holy Ghost, he emphasized on the potential within individuals to rise against darkness giving example of Apostle Ayo Babalola and how he called down fire like Elijah during his days.

Apostle Said;

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola of CAC walked with God to a level where in a meeting like this, he was suspended from the ground, he became like one among the Cherubims himself, and that’s why CAC believes that any category you put Apostle Paul, Babalola must be in that category.

According to CAC, Apostle Babalola is one of God’s special apostles who walked this world, and you should not classify Peter as higher than Babalola.
Apostle Babalola came to a village, they knew the village for witchcraft and challenged all the witches. He said let’s not meet in the night, people will not see us. Let’s come at noon, and let’s come to your shrine and compete.

He gave them 2 hours to kill him, and He took a seat and sat down, that if they didn’t kill him in two hours, he would kill them. The village now gathered, and hunger left the whole village. One man, and after 2 hours, the man now stood up.
The first thing he did was that He called the name of Jesus and physical fire came down from heaven and consumed the witchcraft tree where they held their meetings.

That fire was snapped, it’s on picture never kindled matches, it was kindled by a man of stature that had navigated the pathways of the spirit and he heard/had the voice of the kingdom.

apostle ayo babalola calls fire from heaven like elijah

What would you do with the Holy Ghost? When fire consumed the tree, there was no need for the service to continue, the witches took off all their amulets, their chains, and charms and threw them into the fire, the whole village was saved because a man came there, their salvation was the coming of a man, the people that sat in darkness, have seen a great light.

The devil is not that strong bro, no! You are the prophet of that family, the day you rise, the deliverance would be tied to that day.


The narrative emphasizes the potential within individuals to rise against darkness, echoing the belief that, in the spiritual realm, one person’s empowerment can lead to the salvation of an entire community. It challenges us to recognize our own spiritual authority and the impact we can have when aligned with the forces of light.

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