The By Yourself singer, Yadah Agaga and music executive Okafor Chinonso Daniel popularly known as Nony Daniel tie the knot in Abuja!

They had a court wedding, a traditional wedding, and a white wedding, all in quick succession. They took to their social media pages to post stunning images from the court wedding on the 11th of October 2023 to the traditional marriage on the 22nd of October 2023. This joyous occasion has marked the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

singer Yadah and manager tie the knot

Nigerian singer Yadah, known for her uplifting music, shared the news on her social media page, expressing gratitude for God’s blessings as she gets hitched to Daniel who is also her manager. In her post, she joyfully exclaimed, “An actual fascinator girl is legally hitched to one of God’s finest @_okaforchinonso.”

Her declaration that she is “legally hitched” reflects her excitement and gratitude for the union she has entered into with Okafor Chinonso.

nigerian singer and manager

As Yadah and Okafor Chinonso begin their journey as a married couple, they can look forward to the love, support, and well wishes of their family, friends, and fans as they open another Instagram handle in their surname to post activities as a married couple.

Congratulatory messages are still coming in from friends, colleagues and fans of the singer and her husband.

Yadah and Nony’s love story is one of inspiration and devotion, both in their personal relationship and their shared passion for gospel music. As they continue to walk hand in hand, their love will undoubtedly inspire countless others to believe in the power of love and faith. See the post below.


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As they prepare to embrace a lifetime of togetherness, one thing is certain – their love will continue to shine like a beacon of hope and inspiration to all those who believe in the magic of true love. May their marriage be filled with joy, harmony, and God’s abundant blessings as they walk hand in hand together.

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