More Than Music: Dunsin Oyekan’s Upper Room

DUNSIN OYEKAN started playing his guitar when he was age 10. His father was Gbadebo Oyekan, the former general overseer of the Baptist Church of Nigeria. He was encouraged by his father, who once led ‘Spiritual Singers’, a music group that focused on experiencing God through worship. Dunsin’s life is dedicated to bringing God into the world through the sounds bestowed on him by the Holy Spirit. 

The Upper Room Experience:

The upper room experience started in 2022 with a solo performance by Dunsin Oyekan in an empty room.  videos of this performance were circulated on social media and met with a good reception from fans. In the year 2023, he held the second edition of the upper room experience. This time in front of a crowd in Abuja, which included the likes of Pastor EA Adeboye, the general overseer of the redeemed Christian church of God. Dunsin Oyekan has now perfected the art of bringing people closer to God through worship. The just concluded upper room experience is evidence of his growth in spirit and music. 


The Upper Room Experience 2024:

The 3rd edition of the upper room was held on March 22, 2024, at Landover, Maryland, in the United States. It is undeniably the best-ever edition of the upper room experience yet. Dunsin Oyekan was immense with his all-action style of performance. He and his team of singers delivered a very powerful performance. It was an outstanding performance of over 5 hours, with a mixed congregation of different races. It was a life-changing experience for both the physical audience and online listeners. There were tons of miracles and testimonies from both the online listeners and the audience.


Among the miracles recorded was a man with a spine issue. He couldn’t move properly but somehow made it to the upper room experience location to join the worship. During the worship, he tried to move, and he discovered he didn’t have the usual pain in his back anymore. Also, there was a lady with a lump in her left breast that disappeared during worship. Among the testimonies from the online listeners was a lady whose father was healed of his blindness as they were listening to the upper room experience. 


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In essence, the Upper Room Experience represents a combination of musical excellence with spiritual depth, creating encounters with the divine while inspiring life-changing breakthroughs for both attendees and listeners. Dunsin Oyekan will be proud of his progress, as will his fans.  The next upper-room experience will undoubtedly be better, and I encourage everyone not to miss it. Dunsin Oyekan is certainly a revelation in the gospel music industry. 


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