“I never knew I would become a general evangelist; I did not give my life to Christ because of evangelism or positions in the church.” These were the words of Prophet Hezekiah as he narrated his divine encounter with the holy spirit that led to his anointing.


Long before Prophet Hezekiah became a CAC member, he attended the Baptist Church until he encountered Jesus at a CAC revival led by Prophet T.O Obadare in Osogbo Town, Osun State, Nigeria. After this great revival, he gave his life to Christ and became a permanent member of the CAC. The Bible-cultured lifestyle of the church fascinated him, and the ever-praying attitude of its members intrigued him. He knew he had found his place in the world.


The Life-Changing Vigil

There was a nine-day vigil for youths of CAC Araromi, where he worshipped back when he lived in Osogbo Town. On the last night of the vigil, his life changed forever.

Prophet Hezekiah left his house to participate in the last day of this vigil, even though there was a heavy downpour of rain and flooding in some parts of town. There was a blackout, and the occasional lightning flash was the only way he could see. He had no choice but to trek to the church because every means of transportation had ceased working, but he was determined to get to his destination.

Despite all of these hurdles, he was more than happy to go to church because he believed his prayers would be answered. In his words, “The night before the voice of God came and said our prayers had been answered, the eight days of the vigil, people manifested in the Holy Spirit, and as a youth, it was powerful to witness; there were prophecies, people speaking my tongues, and deliverance was on all of us; it was glorious.”

However, on getting to the church, the vigil had been cancelled because of all the inconveniences of getting there that night. The church security had asked why he showed up for a cancelled program and was sympathetic with him. Nevertheless, Prophet Hezekiah wasn’t disappointed. The church security tried to convince him to go back home with a touch but he decided to sleep in the church.

prophet, hezekiah
Prophet Hezekiah ministering at a convention


The Vision and Anointing

As the prophet Hezekiah lay down on the altar to rest himself, an elderly man and two other men appeared to him. He was confused, and then the older one asked him, “Where are the other youth members?” The prophet could not respond as his physical and spiritual being had been overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Ghost.

He thought he was dreaming, but he could feel he wasn’t dreaming; he wasn’t alone, and he knew the men before him were not church members. And when he could finally talk, he asked them why they were in the church. He also told them the vigil had been cancelled. Then the oldest of the three men appeared to have a bottle of oil in his hand and said to him, “Kneel, we have an assignment for you.”

Prophet Hezekiah was forced to ask who they were, and the oldest once again replied, “I am Jesus, Ayo Babalola, and Samson Akande.” He was shocked, and he knelt.

Then Jesus gave the oil to one of the other men, who appeared to be Ayo Babalola, and he anointed the prophet Hezekiah and prayed for him. The prophet fell and fell into a deep sleep afterwards.

Shortly after, church security entered the church to check on Prophet Hezekiah because he had heard the sound of him falling earlier. Upon entry, he saw the prophet covered in oil, and he asked if the prophet had brought oil along. The security checked the altar to see if prophet Hezekiah had broken the oil on the altar, but he saw that there was oil on the altar in the first place. This marked the beginning of manifestations of the power of God in the great prophet Hezekiah.

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The Call to Evangelism

After this encounter, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, and he was more than ready for evangelism. In his words, “I was hungry to pray; I was hungry to read my Bible; I was hungry to be in his presence.” Despite all this, Prophet Hezekiah never imagined he would be in the shoes of Apostle Ayo Babalola.

All his steadfastness was to be a catechist, but whenever he went out for evangelism, people would gather to listen to him. Miracles happened through him, and the signs of great ministry to come were all around him. To crown it all, there was the miracle of the boy God raised in Omifufun, Ile-Ife.

The story of Prophet Hezekiah is a powerful one; the divine encounters and the miracles are inspirational and divine. he’s a chosen one. It has been written that “those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.”


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