Prophet Hezekiah had given his life to Christ, but he still wasn’t sure about “going into ministry.” Even though he believed in the power of God more than anything else, he wasn’t sure about ministering. The Prophet received many signs and warnings from God but ignored them all to pursue a career in auto repair, specializing in trucks. The prophet was making money from his work. He had commercial buses branded with Jesus’ power; everything felt perfect.


A life-changing experience

In 1997, Baba Hezekiah, while working at his workshop, heard his phone ring. At the same time, a car drove into his workshop. Someone called his name and said, “It has happened, brother Hezekiah.” Prophet Hezekiah then asked the person, “What happened?”. The person then narrated the unfortunate incident that had occurred. One of Prophet Hezekiah’s buses had met with a ghastly accident; the driver and conductor were badly injured and on the brink of death. Both of them had been rushed to the seventh-day Adventist hospital in Ile-Ife. After hearing of this unfortunate incident, Prophet Hezekiah left for the hospital.

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Prophet Hezekiah ministering at the national praise 4.0


A miracle and a divine call

Getting to the hospital, the driver and conductor were pronounced dead. Prophet Hezekiah was devastated; he couldn’t believe his ears. He was confused and was thinking about what to tell the parents of the two young souls that just started working for him, and now they are dead. The prophet was in despair; he felt like dropping to the floor and weeping. Just as all of these were going through his mind, he heard a loud voice call to him from afar. The voice gave him two choices:

1: refuse, give an excuse, and go bury your corpse.

2: I agree to go into full ministry, and I will raise these dead boys.

The prophet was sure that this was the voice of God, and he did not think twice before accepting. The voice then told him to go and lay his hands on the bodies of his two dead workers. Prophet Hezekiah wasted no time and went after the medical personnel, taking the corpses to the mortuary. When he caught up with them, he asked them to stop, and then he laid his hands on the corpses as he shouted, “God, I am ready, fully ready.”

A few minutes after laying his hands on the corpses, one of them coughed. The doctors rushed to the scene and encountered a miracle: the body, declared dead, was alive once again. The doctors asked what he did to the corpses, but the prophet could only praise God and pray; now he was joined in prayer by people who had watched him pray for the corpses. Shortly after, the second person spoke. There was a loud cry of joy; this miracle was Prophet Hezekiah’s first publicity in Ile-Ife.

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The moral of the story

The moral of this story is that disobedience to God can cause harm that might be irreversible, which will affect even those who are innocent. hence, you might not be bewitched or cursed, and yet you will be suffering due to disobedience to God. Let’s learn to listen to God’s voice, believe in the future God has planned for you, and have faith in his beautiful works.


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