Mike Bamiloye condemns bullies of Popular clerics

Mike Bamiloye condemns “cyberbullies” who have been harassing Pastor W.F. Kumuyi and Pastor E.A. Adeboye. On his Instagram and X page, the veteran actor and film-maker addressed the backlash pastor E.A. Adeboye got after he said he had seen “his house in heaven.”. Pastor Adeboye made this statement, which has met with mostly negative reviews online. Mike Bamiloye chastised the people who have claimed this is a lie and rebuked them for not believing such an esteemed cleric.

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi and Pastor E.A. Adeboye have had difficult times on social media these past few months. The words and actions of Pastor Kumuyi and Pastor Adeboye have been heavily scrutinized by the general public in recent months. Mike Bamiloye implored the cyberbullies to continue, but they should be prepared to give an account of their acts in heaven. In his words, “Continue, for everyone shall render an account of his works before the Lord.”.

Mike Bamiloye further showered both pastors with praise for their consistency in evangelism at their age. He called both pastors his motivation and celebrated them as giants of faith. In his words, “When I look at these giants of faith of our time, and I look at myself now at 64, I am motivated to keep running the race without looking left or right. I am motivated to hold on to faith and pursue my calling and vision. I will not be tired of the Heavenly Race. At 82, crossing from towns to cities to mount rostrums and preach the gospel. Ah-a! What a strength!”

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Furthermore, he called on the children of God to “sit up” and get serious with God. He compelled Christians to resist joining “the world to attack the few laborers on the field of missions.”.  In addition, he talked about the second coming of Christ and the need to watch out for signs of the end times.



Content Credit/ Ajibola Emmanuel Adebayo

Picture Credit/ https://www.chronicle.ng/stories/dont-join-feminist-movement-mike-bamiloye/

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