Hilda Baci Smashes The World Record For Longest Cook-A-Thon

Some couple of weeks, there were a lot of speculations and discussions about a young lady chef named, Hilda Baci. Her quest was to beat the record of the longest cooking marathon achieved by an individual, Lata Tondon from India, who was the initial record holder with 87 hours and 45 minutes.

Hilda-Baci Cook-a-Thon
Hilda-Baci Cook-a-Thon

In the early hours of Tuesday, 13th June 2023, (10:53 GMT+1) the Guinness World Records took to its Official Twitter Handle and wrote:


From the video, the Official Adjudicator, Mark, explained why the acclaimed 100-hours could not be awarded which he pointed out as follows; ‘however, anyone attempting a marathon record receives 5-minutes break for every hour that they complete. This is to allow suitable rest breaks for the participants, due to the prolonged nature of these records.‘ He further explained that there was a miscalculation in the rest period of Hilda Baci and therefore awarded the record at 93 hours and 11mins.

Hilda Baci also took to her Instagram Handle and posted:

God Did It - Hilda Baci

We say congratulations to Hilda Baci on this great feat.

In the same vein, several other chefs have sprung up to also beat the record set by Hilda Baci one of them is Chef Dammy from Ekiti State. She has presently surpassed the initial 100 hours of Hilda Baci. Also warming up is another Chef from Ogbomosho who is planning 140 hours of cooking in Ibadan named Temitope Adebayo set for November 2023.

Apart from the cook-a-thon, a popular Online Prophet popularly known as ‘Woli Arole‘ took to his Instagram Account to announce 5000 hours of prayer (Pray-a-thon) with the caption “5000 hours, It is doable, Anticipate!”

Woli Arole 5,000 pray-a-thon

We wish them all success. Records are made to be broken.
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Video Credit: Guinness World Records Official Twitter Account.

Photo Credit: Hilda Baci’s Instagram Handle & Woli Arole’s Instagram Handle

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