‘A Constitutional Review is Needed’ – President

‘Forever o Lord your word is Settled in heaven yes settled’, it is only the word of God that doesn’t roll, therefore any constitution made by man is expected to be reviewed or rolled off. The President of Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele declared a constitutional review during the Presidential Address. This was at EPIC 2023 the Annual Evangelists, Planters, Prophets and Prophetesses International Conference of the Church.

Pastor Samuel O. Oladele

By implication, it means that some structures and roles are going to change. Even the constitution of any Christian organization is subject to its preface and the preface states that “This constitution is subject to review“.

The President at the conference said, “The constitution that was given to us in Christ Apostolic Church today was handed over to us in 1998. I am telling you that the Church’s constitution is now put into consideration for a review because it is due for a one”. Reviewing or amending the constitution typically sets out the structure of the church, and government as well as delineates the powers and functions of its various branches, and guarantees certain fundamental rights to the people.

Reviewed constitution is often considered a significant and solemn process, as it involves altering the foundational principles and rules of a church and its authority and their conversation in teams of attaining a position. The intent is typically to adapt the constitution to the evolving needs of members of the church, and society, rectify any deficiencies, expand or protect individual rights, or address other substantive issues.

Pastor Samuel O. Oladele

Amending a constitution is a deliberate and formal process that requires following specific procedures outlined in the existing constitution itself. The exact process varies from church to church, and country to country, as different churches and countries have different constitutional frameworks. However, there are some common elements involved in the process of amending a constitution.

1. Setting Up a Committee: This is an organized and cool-headed set of professional individuals with sound ideologies about the past, and present and with positive perspectives for the future. They know the demands and are ready for consultations with all stakeholders of the church.

2. Proposal: An amendment is usually proposed by a specific entity of leaders in the church or organization, this was what the President and Council of the Authority of Christ Apostolic Church intended to do in the next few weeks.

3. Drafting: The proposed review or amendment is typically meant to be drafted as a written document that clearly articulates the changes being proposed. It may include new roles, provisions, modifications to existing provisions, or the removal of certain provisions that are not suitable anymore.

4. Legislative Approval: In many churches or organizations and countries, the proposed constitution reviewed must go through a legal or legislative process for approval. The specific requirements for approval, such as the majority or supermajority needed, are usually outlined in the existing constitution or constitutional laws.

5. Ratification: Once a constitution is approved by the legislature or legal counsel of the church, the proposed amendment may require ratification by a designated body or the general population. Ratification methods can include popular referendums, and approval by regional or state heads of the church, governments, or special conventions.

6. Implementation: After successful ratification of the constitution by the church stakeholders, the reviewed constitution becomes part of the body of Christ and is valid and legally binding. It may require adjustments in the church’s role authority, the council of management, legal system participation, or rights and obligations of church members, depending on the changes made.

It’s important to note that the process and requirements for reviewing a constitution can vary significantly depending on the church and country. Some constitutions may have rigid amendment processes that make it intentionally difficult to modify the fundamental principles, while others may have more flexible procedures that allow for more frequent changes.

The President of Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria and Oversea clearly stated that “Many times, if we see what the church and believer contend for today are very mere. As a believer, there is one thing you must contend for and what is it? It is called Faith in Christ Jesus; this is the only thing that was not delivered to all Christian believers twice but it was delivered once for all.”

What is your take on the intended constitutional review of the Christ Apostolic Church Constitution? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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