BACK2ZION 8.0 with Minister Tayo Oyaleke

In a world filled with uncertainty and challenges, there is a beacon of hope that guides us home. Despite the unfaithfulness of man, our God remains faithful. Back2Zion 8.0 is here!!!

Join Minister Tayo Oyaleke and the House of Zion International for the 8th Edition of Back2Zion. Come Friday, 22nd of September, 2023, we shall give all glory to the Faithful God.


Are you seeking solace in a chaotic world? Longing to reconnect with your spiritual roots? Look no further. The faithful God calls you to return back to Zion, a place of tranquillity and renewal. The program shall hold at Samuel Akinola Akinjobi Memorial Hall, Akinmorin, Oyo. The time is 8: 00PM (WAT)

To bless us at the Back2Zion Program are The Oladosu Twins, The Adegbodu Twins, Ademola OmoKing, Horlatstick, Bola Discovery, Elijah Akintunde (Olorun ko so bee), and other anointed ministers of God. The Covener, Minister Tayo Oyaleke would be welcoming us and leading us in this moment of worship.

For further enquiring or information, you can contact us at 08033977400 0r 08034359037
COME EXPECTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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