Archbishop’s Commission Vows To Destroy Racism In The Church

The archbishop’s Commission for Racial Justice has concluded that it will investigate cases of racism in the Church of England. The Archbishops’ Commission for Racial Justice, founded by the Church of England, is aggressively probing racism inside the Church. This movement derives from a wider recognition of racial inequalities and the necessity for significant reform inside the institution. Also, The commission will assess the impact of racism on the well-being, sense of belonging, and participation of minority communities in church activities.

Archbishop's commission
Members of the Archbishop’s racial justice commission

The commission’s work is part of a larger movement towards racial justice within religious institutions and society. It aims to set a precedent for other denominations and organisations to follow. Individuals in the GMH/UKME communities or those aware of racial incidents have been encouraged to contact Race Equality First, an independent agency working to promote equality and combat discrimination.

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Furthermore, there are ongoing issues about recruiting and representing people of colour within the church leadership and roles. In addition, Race Equality First will gather information on complaints or grievances raised through church processes and reasons for not using the existing process. The Archbishop’s commission has suggested increasing the representation of people of colour within the church.



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