Owambe is a Yoruba term for extravagant parties in Nigeria, especially amluvme human hair wigs yeezy 450 dark slate crown skinless skin condoms custom maple leafs jersey yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace personalized celtics jersey air jordan retro 1 mid casual shoes custom kings jersey nike air max pre day personalized celtics jersey durex intense vibrations ring nike air max pre day nike air max 90 nike air jordan 14 nike air jordan mid ong the Yoruba people. The term Owambe is derived from the Yoruba expression owan be, meaning the presence of a celebration or party.

Owambe parties have historical roots dating back to the pre-colonial era in Yoruba culture. Yoruba kingdoms, such as Oyo, Ife, Ijebu, and Egba, were known for their cultural sophistication and tradition of celebrating significant events and milestones.

For instance, the Oyo Empire held the annual Odun Oba, or King’s Festival and Ife Kingdom celebrated the Odun Olojo, or Day of Creation. During the colonial period, the Yoruba culture adapted to various influences from the British Empire, leading to the emergence of Owambe parties as a form of social expression and resistance.

In the post-colonial era, Owambe parties evolved and expanded in scope, becoming more popular among different Nigerian ethnic groups and influenced by global trends and technologies.

All owambe dishes are not created equal, and if you’re a regular at parties, you’ll know this. There are some dishes that are for the most VIP guests while other dishes are popular but let’s admit it, basic.

What you order at the owambe is almost like a reflection of your personality: for example, people that don’t like to rock the boat would most probably go for jollof rice.

Fried Rice is a dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a wok or a frying pan and is usually mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, seafood, or meat. It is often eaten by itself or as an accompaniment to another dish. Fried Rice is often served in owambe with jollof rice as a compliment side dish which is also accompanied with either salad or moi-moi.

Some people go native by requesting for Amala and Ewedu which is common among the Yoruba tribe. It is a rich yam Flour prepared into a dough with Ewedu and Beans soup better known as Gbegiri. It is usually served with assorted meat, beef, goat meat and cow skin Ponmo

Peppersoup is a soup from parts of West Africa, notably Nigeria, made using various meats, assorted meat, Catfish or fresh fish, chili peppers and calabash nutmeg as primary ingredients. It is a spicy soup that has a light, watery texture.

Ewa aganyin is a Yoruba street food commonly eaten in Nigeria. Some guest at owambe parties love to go out of the regular by eating the delicious dish of Ewa Agoyin usually served with plantains and stew. The dish consists of beans cooked until extremely soft and then mashed. Other ingredients, such as bell peppers, onion, ginger, dried chilies and palm oil, are added to form a stew. It is commonly eaten with bread but with fried Plantains at Owambe.

Lets not forget the yuletide season, a season of fun, laughter, festival and lots of food. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Thinking of sumptuous meals this period? All these meals can be served to guests for this season. What’s a Nigerian party or festival without jollof rice?

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