The Seeds of Hope: Waiting Can Lead to Growth

Waiting on God is a life-changing experience that calls for endurance, faith, and belief in God. Sometimes we feel lost in this great storm of life. We look at our peers, at our age, and lament. We work hard but have nothing to show for it. Let me tell you the story of a sister who graduated from the university at a young age. She had great grades but couldn’t get a job. She was sad, and she thought maybe if she had a master’s qualification, she would find a job.

This sister enrolled for a master’s degree and had great grades again, but she still couldn’t find a job afterwards. She became depressed and couldn’t understand what the problem was. She had worked hard for her degree and M.Sc., but there was nothing to finish her hard work. Eventually, she decided to wait for God to decide, and she continued searching for a job with faith. Time went by, and there was still no job, but she wasn’t in despair; she believed God would intervene in her struggles soon.

She decided to apply for a visa to travel out of the country as she searched. To her surprise, her visa got approved; the process was even easier than looking for a job. Right now, this sister leaves for the United Kingdom, and God is still progressing her life.

The story of this sister is an example of the benefits of waiting on God. She thought getting a job was the best thing that could happen to her, God showed her he had bigger plans for her. God sees our heart desires, but he has plans for every one of us. Sometimes what we want is not what God wants for our lives. Therefore, he looks on as we chase after these false goals until we submit to him, and then he guides us to the right path.


Understanding Waiting on God

Psalm 25:3: “None who waits for you will be put to shame, but all who turn away from you will surely be put to shame.” This passage promises that there will be no regrets for those who wait on God. Waiting on God involves trusting in His timing and purpose, even when it seems difficult or uncertain. To wait on God doesn’t mean to give up; it simply means to put all our hope in God. A key aspect of spiritual development is patience, which calls for tenacity and faith in the process even in the face of delay.

God’s intentions may take time to materialize; thus, they require long-term thinking, even if we sometimes yearn for quicker success. Inner peace and contentment may come from trusting that God is in control and accepting waiting. Giving up control, believing that God’s will might not align with ours, and submitting to that are all parts of acceptance. While waiting, it is important to be grateful for the moment and to be open to new things. In the end, acceptance and patience enable us to manage the moments when our plans and ambitions don’t quite match up with God’s plan.

Finding strength in the waiting

While waiting on God is important, it is necessary to note that waiting is not an easy task. To wait on God, we have to develop our faith. To develop our faith, we need to strengthen our relationship with God. We need to surrender all to him and do away with all our desires. Giving God control of our lives is a sign that we are ready for all the wonders he has in store for us.

Moreso, we must learn to practice gratitude while waiting on God. Count your blessings, no matter how little they may seem, and be grateful. A person waiting on God must not compare himself to others. Every human has different circumstances, so definitely our result must be different. Set mini-goals for yourself and focus on your small wins. Your little wins will set the tone for you when you go for the bigger picture. Do not see the time we spend waiting on God as a waste; instead, see it as a time of preparation for a greater purpose.

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In conclusion

Waiting on God involves trusting in His timing and purpose, putting hope in Him, and putting patience into the process. It requires long-term thinking and acceptance, allowing inner peace and contentment. Strengthening our relationship with God, practicing gratitude, and not comparing ourselves to others are essential aspects of waiting on God. This preparation for a greater purpose is crucial.



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