In the realm of spiritual practices, anointing plays a significant role in empowering individuals for their ministry.

The anointing is often regarded as a divine commissioning, a sacred touch from above that endows one with the ability to minister with spiritual authority and effectiveness.


Bunmi Akinaanu receives an anointing

Laying of hands by great men of God like Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji who anointed Lady Evangelist Bunmi Akinnaanu Adeoye after her ministration and the anointed of the highest God said to her that “Your calling is renewed tonight, heaven shall delight in you from now on.”

Few days after this encounter, the Lady Evangelist felt the transformative power of anointing, exploring its impact on a person’s ministration and the lives of those she encountered, telling the world that the God of Prophet Hezekiah has changed and renewed her ministerial service.               

Through divine empowerment, spiritual sensitivity, healing, deliverance, breakthroughs, and miracles, the anointing equips the gospel song minister to carry out her sacred calling with effectiveness and purpose.

It was a gift that she sought with humility and reverence, understanding its immense potential that shapes her ministry and the lives of those in touch with her.

Anointed for Greatness and Illuminate the World

Bunmi Akinaanu Adeoye also revealed the impact of Prophet Hezekiah anointing upon her in the just concluded Power Explosion Erio’23, and the following are what she expressed through her new Album.

  • Divine Empowerment

Prophet Hezekiah Anointing has served as a conduit for divine empowerment.  I received a special grace that transcends human limitations. “It was not merely a symbolic ritual but a tangible connection to the divine source, equipping my ministry with spiritual gifts and insights beyond my natural abilities.

This divine empowerment enables me to minister with clarity, boldness, and supernatural effectiveness”.

  •     Spiritual Sensitivity

Through this anointing, “I became more attuned to the leading of the Holy Spirit, allowing me to discern the needs of those in the world and as well serve and respond with compassion and wisdom of God. This acute awareness helps me to navigate through complex situations and address the diverse challenges that people may face”.

  •     Healing and Deliverance

One of the profound impacts of this anointing is its ability that brings healing and deliverance to me, and my household.

The anointed minister said, “I became an instrument of God’s healing power, touching lives and bringing hope to the broken-hearted”.

Miraculous healings and transformations are often witnessed in the presence of anointed ministration, as the power of God flows through the minister to those seeking restoration, this we can see in the life of Bunmi Akinnaanu.

  •     Uniting the Body of Christ

Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji’s Anointing over her life and ministration has unified her more to the body of Christ. “The shared experience of God’s presence and power during my ministration brings believers together in worship and service, and it has been fostering a sense of community and strengthening the faith of several people”.

It really enables Minister Bunmi Akinnaanu to operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to break denominational barriers

The anointing is a powerful force that transforms a person’s ministration, making it a vessel of God’s grace and love. When one is anointed for ministry, they step into a divine calling that transcends their own abilities, bringing forth a profound impact on the lives of others.




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