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A new signee of Slan Sport Management in an interview session with PHMedia discussed some of the biggest value and what is to be expected of the management.

Can we get to know you?

My name is Samson Aletan, I’m from Dallas, TX and went to Lake Highlands HS, and I am currently a freshman at Yale University.

What inspired the creation of Slan Sport, and what sets it apart from other online sports stores?

What sets Slan apart form others is the bond and connection you get to have with him and his team.

How does the management stay updated with the latest trends and technological advancements in the sports retail industry?

They stay updated by looking at popular clothing ideas and help athletes build their brands with it.

Can you discuss any key collaborations or partnerships that have significantly contributed to it’s success?

The Slan Sports shop has been very key in their success, along with their licensing.

In what ways does Slan Sport prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices in its operations?

By making sure the operations doesn’t involve ruining the ecosystem.

How do you handle customer feedback and implement changes based on their suggestions or complaints?

I handle it well because I know they know a lot more about the business than I do, so I listen and adjust to them accordingly.

What challenges has Slan Sport faced in the online sports retail sector, and how were they addressed?

The only challenge I knew was getting licensed in Connecticut but he did whatever he could to get it done to help me build my brand.

How does Slan Sport plan to expand its market reach and engage with a broader audience?

They plan to expand by building off the athletes story to reach a larger crowd than expected.

Lastly, what values or principles serve as the cornerstone of Slan Sport’s business ethics and culture?

The biggest values are trust, hard working and care.

To visit their website for contact, policy knowledge and placement of orders, Click HERE.

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