Shiloh is an annual program of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (also known as Winners’ Chapel), an International Evangelical Charismatic Christian denomination. The headquarters is located in Ota, Nigeria. The organization has since become a global network of churches with over 6 million members in 147 countries.

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Every year in December, the church hosts a global event called Shiloh. The church says the mandate for this event is drawn from the Bible books of Joshua 18:1 and 1 Samuel 1:3. The event is held mostly in the first week of December.

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The annual spiritual gathering of members of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Shiloh 2023, begins today Tuesday, December 5, 2023. The event, with the theme, Redeemed to Flourish in Hard Times, runs through to Sunday, December 10, 2023, when it is rounded off with a Thanksgiving Service.

SHILOH 2023Redeemed to Flourish in Hard Times



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Shiloh 2023 promises to be fulfilling as it has always been which does not just cover marriage & fruit of the womb. Shiloh is not just a gathering; it’s an expectation of encountering God, finding divine guidance, and witnessing miracles. Shiloh 2023 is a beacon of hope in challenging times, a time to draw closer to God, receive His grace, and expect the extraordinary.


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