Power of Prophecies: Understanding the Truth of Prophecy

Ministering: President CAC Nigeria & Overseas, Pastor S.O Oladele

Jesus said when the son of man shall return, will he find faith on earth?  Yes, he would find faith because if we read that part of the scripture contextually, he spoke about the widow who was going to complain about how she was being treated by the judge. But due to her impatience, she would always knock on the judge’s door.

And that was a particular thing about her. She remained consistent and persistent, making the judge open the door for her because she never stopped knocking on his door. And then Jesus said the lesson to be learnt from this is that, “ When the son of man shall come back again, will he find such a faith on earth? Not that he won’t find faith on earth.

Having a belief in only seeking Jesus Christ’s assistance, without looking to anyone else. This solidly means that we should learn to wait in persistent faith because he hath said that we should “ FIND, SEEK, & KNOCK.” But the problem many people lack these days is the lack of impatience to wait in faith. The question now is “How many are prepared and ready to wait for him?




What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

          The gift of prophets and prophetess. 1 cor. 14:1. (this explains that our heritage is valuable that one can’t quantify. This makes us unique amongst all other denominations which is the HOLY SPIRIT. 

          To be saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

          Revelation gift: the word of wisdom, word of knowledge & discernment.

          Power gift: miracles, healings, faith.

          Vocal gift: prophesy, tongues & interpretation.


Focus of the theme topic: VOCAL GIFT (PROPHECY)


We must learn how the gift of prophecy works. The gift of prophecy is not prophetic, anyone who has been baptized by the Holy Spirit in the church can prophesy if he/she is gifted, but that doesn’t make the person a prophet, according to Ephesians 4.

The gift of prophecy is not prediction or foretelling. Because predicting or foretelling may fall under the gift of knowledge…

The gift of prophecy is not for guidance; we must learn to preach prophetically.

Prophesy could be exhortative, and prophesy in the New Testament could be judgmental.


The gift of prophecy operates differently, such as:

          To edify (to build). This means edifying the body of Christ.

          To encourage:

          To comfort: We must learn to comfort people as the world is full of so many pains, sorrows, griefs, and burdens.


 Prophecies must always align with what is in the Bible. The inspiration with which the Bible is collated and given to us is higher and greater than your momentary inspiration when you utter your prophecy. Furthermore, Prophecy is not to be used just to satisfy curiosity. As it could come under the gift of knowledge, we must learn to be careful about the things we utter as prophecies. The prophecy that comes out should complement the biblical principles.


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The source of prophecies are categorized into 3 parts.

          The flesh source.

          Demonic source (the unclean spirit).

          The Holy Spirit.


The 7 steps to take in judging prophecies

          FRUITS. Learn to look for the fruit of the spirit in prophecies in whoever prophecy, such as peace, joy, long-suffering etc.

          Prophecy must glorify God.

          Prophecy must be fulfilled, and it must be from God.

          Does the prophecy promote freedom, Liberty, or bondage?

          Auction of the holy spirit. ( The Abiding Auction).



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