Osun Youths Rally Behind OSTMS Chairman Amid Leadership Dispute

The youths of Osun State have released a statement regarding the riot at the state council in Osogbo yesterday, which led to property destruction and injuries. The unrest involved protesters from the faction of the Vice Deputy of the Osun State Transport Management System (OSTMS), demanding the resignation of OSTMS Chairman Nurudeen Alowonle. The OSTMS has faced leadership divisions since the election of the new Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke.

In their statement, the youth expressed support for Chairman Nurudeen Alowonle and Governor Ademola Adeleke, condemning the violent actions of the protesters. They called for the Governor and security operatives to take control of the situation.




The statement reads:

“Our attention has been drawn to a video making rounds on the internet depicting some unscrupulous touts and clout chasers parading themselves as chieftains and members of the Osun State Transport Management System (OSTMS) while protesting vehemently against the leadership of the chairman of the OSTMS, Nurudeen Alowonle.

The running and administration of the OSTMS has been nothing short of smooth and peaceful since the emergence of Nurudeen Alowonle. The efficiency with which he has been running the service is being loudly applauded throughout the state. Hence, with our dear state enjoying a peaceful reign of our governor, Asiwaju (Dr.) Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke, since the inception of his administration, it is observed that these individuals are out to cause chaos and disrupt the hard-earned peace which the government is doing so much to maintain and protect.

We, the Concerned Youths of Osun State, therefore call on our amiable governor and the concerned authorities to curtail their actions before they lead to civil unrest, thereby disrupting the peace of the state as they have already begun to cause havoc by going to the state council of the OSTMS and destroying valuables belonging to the organization and those of the chairman. We also call on various security operatives in the state charged with the protection of life and public properties to prosecute these wannabe criminals and bring them to book to serve as a deterrent to anyone out there who might be thinking about creating unnecessary problems for the peace-loving people of Osun state.”


A video circulating online shows OSTMS Vice-Chairman Chief Wasiu Arogundade providing reasons for the protest against Chairman Nurudeen Alowonle. The Vice Chairman accused Alowonle of misappropriating funds and being irresponsible with his position, claiming that Alowonle did not expect his tenure to continue into the new government and has been hoarding the organization’s properties.

Watch the Vice-Chairman’s statement video below⇓

The statement from the Osun State youths rejects these claims, and the struggle between the factions of Vice Chairman Wasiu Arogundade and Chairman Nurudeen Alowonle continues. The youth call for action against the violent protesters to prevent further disruption and maintain peace in Osun State.



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