Hope, tears, and a miraculous turn of events unfolded at the Ilorin 3 Nights of Wonders with Prophet Sam Ojo, known as “Baba Authority.” The spotlight fell on Minister Akintibu Yetunde, a gospel artist with a life story that took an unexpected twist.

Yetunde, known for her captivating voice and spirited performances, graced the three-day revival in Ilorin. Little did many know, behind her lively presence and electrifying ministrations, is a hidden story of personal struggle and hardship.

akintibu yetunde

Originally from Ilorin, she relocated to Delta State in search for better life-changing opportunities, She began working with Setraco. However, everything changed on a fateful day in 2008. Just 15 minutes from her home, an accident shattered her dreams of a better life. Without financial aid, she shifted between hospitals, ultimately ending up at Ilorin Teaching Hospital.

akintibu yetunde

Her life turned into a series of tragedies. Multiple accidents followed from 2008, 2009, and 2010 leaving her bedridden with severe bedsores that became an open wound with a determination not to heal up. Doctors gave up hope, predicting a lifetime of suffering.

Amid this despair, a mysterious voice whispered words of reassurance to Yetunde saying, “This is little compared to what I can do.” Strangely, her unhealing sores began to heal after hearing these words the third time.

Now that her wound is healed, Yetunde was faced with the challenge of “mobility”. Unable to afford a wheelchair, she dragged herself on the bare floor until a kind-hearted soul gifted her a 4.5-million-Naira wheelchair, transforming her life.

This moving story reached Prophet Sam Ojo at the revival venue as he was surprised to see the Minister on a wheelchair, Moved to Pity, He pledged to cover her 5-million-Naira hospital bill and support her recovery. His promise even extended to considering selling his cars for this compassionate act.

This remarkable journey through life’s raging storm illustrates Yetunde’s resilience and determination not to be confined in a place but to show the world how God has been kind to her.

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