Kindness: The magic word for a Better World

Kindness is like a beacon in the dark. According to Mother Teresa, “Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”. It’s more than just good manners; it’s an effective tool that spreads goodwill.

Consider the story of a young boy who dropped his lunch tray in a filled restaurant, his face wrinkled with distress. A stranger, a quiet girl who keeps to herself, amazed everyone by approaching and assisting him in picking up the scattered food. The small act of kindness not only made the boy’s day but also created waves of compassion in the restaurant, with others providing a helping hand and a smile. This story truly portrays the essence of kindness. its ability to transform not just one person’s experience but that of others as well.

The ripple effect.

A ripple effect is what you get when you throw a pebble into a still pond. Acts of kindness can set off a chain reaction, prompting others to pay it forward and creating a positive ripple impact. However, do you ever wonder how far that ripple can go?

A woman went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter). She was shamed for not having a refrigerator by a Twitter user. A stranger then proceeded to give her some money for a little fridge. Other X users saw this and started gifting her cash and other house equipment. This episode of her receiving gifts lasted for a week and forever changed her life. Kind gestures have a strong impact on the recipient and brighten their day. Witnessing compassion can soothe the heart and motivate others to be nice as well.

ripple effect, kindness

The ripple effect is unpredictable since a simple action can greatly impact someone’s day, inspiring them to be kind to others. This has a domino effect, spreading positivity across the community and beyond. Kindness is contagious, and even tiny deeds count. The ripple effect grows; the more compassion spreads, the more rooted it becomes in society. Understanding the ripple effect helps us realize that our actions can lead to a more positive and loving environment.

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importance of kindness.

Kindness builds genuine connections, resulting in a sense of identity and belonging. According to research, acts of compassion improve mental and emotional health, lower stress, and increase happiness. It also fosters empathy, which help people understand and relate to the emotions of others.


How to show kindness.

  • Random acts of kindness: little things like complimenting a person’s outfit or smile can brighten their day. Walking by a homeless person and gifting the person is an act of kindness that even God smiles upon. Surprise people with acts of kindness. Do these things with joy in your heart; do them without expectations.


  • Listen with tenderness: some people are in dire need of advice on the things bothering them. Some people die of depression because they do not have anyone to share their feelings with. Imagine if someone had been there for these people. Lending an empathetic ear to someone else’s feelings is an underrated gesture. Listening actively shows you care to know their plight, even if you cannot help them change the situation. Although it is not enough to just listen, it is important to listen with a kind heart.


  • Expressing Gratitude: Even when we are entitled to something, we should still learn to be grateful. Almost everyone is indebted to someone, and as Christians, we are indebted to God. The Bible says, in all things, give thanks to God. Giving thanks soothes the giver; it makes us eligible for more blessings. Likewise, in our relationships, we must learn to be grateful. Have you ever penned a heartfelt thank you to your parents for sticking with you till you could stand on your feet? Try it out and see how happy it makes them. When we show gratitude, it honors the giver.


  • Self-kindness: just as happiness comes from within, kindness also comes from within. To be kind to others, be kind to yourself first. Treat yourself to nice and godly things that will soothe your soul. Being kind to yourself includes believing in yourself, forgiving your own mistakes, and having a godly lifestyle.


In essence, we should perform acts of kindness not only because it’s the right thing but also because of their potential to affect those around us. An act of kindness will lead to more acts of kindness—the ripple effect. There is nothing like little or small kindness. There is grace in every act of compassion.

The Bible says in Ephesians 4:32 Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, and forgiving to one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Kindness overall means being godly; as God forgives, we also have to forgive. As God gives freely, we also have to give freely. If you’re reading this blog, I want you to become a source of hope for those around you. Be of a kind heart; be tender and easy. These things go along with helping our mental state and also brightening up others.



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