Killing Pride And Submitting To Authority In The Workplace

In Christian living, it is essential to continually work on overcoming pride and demonstrating respect for authority within the workplace. Pride has the potential to disrupt relationships and hinder collaboration. However, when we embody humility and acknowledge that our skills and abilities stem from God, we are empowered to overcome pride. This acknowledgement helps us appreciate and utilise our talents in a pleasing way to God.


Workplace leadership is more than just following; it is about demonstrating respect and putting forth our best effort as if it were for the Lord. We usually declare that anything we do is for God’s sake. However, it is also vital to do things for reasons other than God, such as passion or who you are. When we listen politely and work hard, we are not only obeying the rules; we are also exhibiting caring for others and aiming for greatness.


In Christian life, it is critical to overcome pride and respect employers at work. Being too prideful, dismissive, or condescending may hurt our relationships with people and collaboration. We may always defeat pride and be more modest by remaining humble and understanding that our abilities are gifts from God.


Also, following orders at work is more than just doing what they say. It is about showing respect and doing our finest job as if we were doing it for God. When we respect our superiors and work hard, we are not simply obeying regulations; we are demonstrating our concern for others and performing our best job. Life may be difficult; everything must be handled with knowledge so that pride does not kill or hinder our progress. “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking less of yourself.” CS Lewis


By practising the principles of humility, servanthood, and obedience in our daily work, we not only contribute to a more positive and harmonious workplace but also exemplify the values and teachings of Christianity in our actions. Letting go of pride and willingly submitting to authority, we strive to emulate the humility and servanthood that Jesus taught, and in doing so, we seek to have a positive impact not only in our professional environment but also within the broader community.


By using the characteristics of humility, diligence, perseverance, and respect at work, we not only improve our workplace but also display our Christian beliefs. By putting pride aside and obeying authority, we may exemplify Christ’s teachings and have a good influence on our workplaces, communities, and the people around us. I conclude this Christian living article with the remark, “Humility and kindness are the greatest gifts of life; you can only live well with them.” Tolani Ogunanya.

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