Health Precautions are preventive steps needed to be taken by healthcare team members and staff at healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of infections. IThey are also steps to be taken by the public to reduce the spread and keep the citizens safe and hazard-free.

Following the explosion in Ibadan yesterday, Tuesday, 18th January 2023 around the Adeyi area of Bodija between the hours of 7pm and 8pm which sent ripple effects across the Oyo State capital.

Some health precautions are advised to help residents stay safe as investigations are being carried out by the authorities.

Below are some tips for safety;

  • Mask-up (wear nose mask)
  • Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Stay hydrated (Drink enough water)
  • Wash fruits very well before eating
  • Cover food and water to prevent dust from settling on them.
  • Adequately use hand sanitizers
  • Disinfect environments and make sure surfaces are clean
  • Avoid rowdy and unsafe places
  • Avoid moving around at odd hours

This condition may prevail for a considerable period. However, the explosion can be hazardous and can lead to :
1. Reduced Lung function
2. Respiratory infection
3. Inflammation
4. Oxidative Stress (low level of antioxidants which even creates an imbalance in your body) amongst many others.

Let’s take note and adhere strictly to keep our family and friends safe and also inform everyone around us. Stay tuned for more updates and, most importantly, stay safe as we try to put this puzzling event together.

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