Finding Light in the Dark: A Guide to Understanding & Beating Depression

Hey there! I know you feel awkward and can’t place it. You’re not just feeling sad, you feel this heavy cloud that spins your head and creates a nasty and dark scenario around your life.
It is not just a mood thing, it’s something real, It’s Depression.

Depression is more than just a bad day. It’s like your mind is stuck in a gloomy place, making everything feel heavy and hard. You begin to not enjoy things you used to, you feel tired all the time or even doubt your worth. It’s tough, but it’s important to know it’s not your fault.

Depression is more than just a bad day.

There are lots of things that can activate depression. Things such as Family History, Trauma, Inferiority Complex, tough life occurrences, substance abuse, or even just the way your brain works. It’s like a mix of factors that can bring you down. But hey! It’s not about blaming yourself; it’s about understanding and finding ways to get back up.

causes of depression

All that matters is getting back up on your feet and becoming even stronger and better than ever. To get out of Depression, the first step is Knowing!
You can’t get out of a prison if you do not know you are locked up!

Knowing that you are in a mental state that is dangerous to your life and purpose will lead you to the second step which is Talking! Mariska Hargitay once said Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step. Talking about depression can be tough because of people’s perspective towards it. But here’s the deal, it’s okay to talk about it.

Depression and its cohorts

Reaching out to friends, family, or professionals who are vast in this field can have a positive impact on your mindset, help you know that you’re not alone, and ultimately help you find your way to healing and getting out of the dark hole.

It is important to know that therapists and counsellors are like the coaches of your mental health game. They know how to help you win the game against depression. They can help you figure things out and give you all the help you need to get through that dark time.

Self-care is another step to not underestimate when battling depression. It is like giving yourself a mental hug and patting your own back. It’s not about big, fancy stuff; it’s the little things like going for a walk, eating decent meals, and doing things you enjoy doing. Setting small and achievable goals is also self-care and it can help you feel good about yourself when you get to the finish line of each goal.

It is important to have people who cheer you on in your corner. Friends, family, or even folks in a support group can be your backup when times are hard. It is like having superheroes around. Together, you’re stronger.

In a support group, we will discover that we are not alone in our struggles and find comfort in knowing that others understand and can relate with our experiences.

Honestly, Depression is a tough opponent, but you can beat it! Understand what you’re dealing with, talk about it without shame, get professional help when needed, take care of yourself with small steps, and surround yourself with people who care.

You’re not alone in this.
There’s a way out of the darkness.
There’s hope for brighter days ahead.
Step into the light today.
Love and Light.

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Written by Oyedepo Oluwafifedoyinsola Precious (PHMedia) & Edited by Raymond Oluyede (PHMedia)

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