Faith and Resilience: Beth Moore’s remarkable story

Wanda Elizabeth Beth Moore (born Wanda Elizabeth Green) is an American Anglican evangelist, author, and Bible teacher. Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Beth is the fourth of five children. She was raised in the Southern Baptist church, which she attended thrice a week as a child.

Beth Moore is an exceptional Bible teacher to many evangelical women, especially those in her own beloved Southern Baptist convention. She is the president of Living Proof Ministries, a Christian organisation founded in 1994 to teach women to know and love Jesus through the scriptures.


Beth Moore’s early life and the start of her ministry

Raised in the Southern Baptist church, Beth had always referred to the church as a “safe place” for her as she was growing up. The church was a place where she could escape the sexual abuse she experienced from her father at home.

Beth Moore delivering a sermon

Beth Moore earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science at Texas State University. She married Keith in 1978 and has two children, Amanda and Melissa. As a young wife and mother, she served the Lord by speaking at luncheons and retreats and working on Mother’s Day.  After years of being encouraged to develop homework by those attending bible class led by Beth, she realised what she had on her hands was a ministry.”

At 18, Beth committed to vocational Christian ministry, working voluntarily as a Sunday school teacher. She also served as a church camp counsellor. While serving as a camp counsellor one day, Beth experienced the overwhelming presence of God at the cabin bathroom sink. Despite the rarity of charismatic experiences in SBC circles at the time, she and her mentors interpreted this event as a call to “work for God” in some capacity as teachers of women and children.

Beth subsequently experienced two more clarifying calls to ministry, one external and one internal. Beth described her yearning for two things desperately: her family and ministry; raising her children; and helping women catch a fever for the scriptures. Luckily, Beth got both.


Founding living-proof ministries

Beth Moore founded Living Proof Ministries in 1974 to teach women to love and live on God’s word. She has written numerous books and Bible studies that have been read by women of all ages, races, and denominations. Through the years, American missionaries and expatriates have taken her Bible studies overseas, resulting in Beth Moore Bible study groups popping up worldwide.

She loves Jesus and the Bible and has dedicated her life to teaching others why they need both of them. Millions of evangelical Christian women have read her Bible studies and flocked to hear her speak at events.

Moore’s outsize influence and role in teaching the Bible have always made some evangelical power brokers uneasy because of their belief that only men should be allowed to preach. But Moore was above reproach, supporting southern Baptist teaching that limits the office of pastor to men alone and cheerleading for the missions and evangelical work that the denomination holds dear.

Moore’s criticism of the 45th president’s abusive behaviour towards women and her advocacy for sexual abuse victims turned her from a beloved icon to a parish in the denomination she loved all her life. ”Wake up sleepers, to what women had dealt with all along. In an environment of gross entitlement and power, Moore once wrote about Trump, riffing on a passage from the New Testament and the Book of Ephesians.

Because of her opposition to Trump and her outspokenness in confronting sexism and nationalism in the evangelical sense, Moore has been labelled “liberal,” “woke,” and even heroic for daring to give a message during a Sunday morning church service.


Beth Moore’s impact on women

As the first woman to partner and publish with Lifeway Christian Resources, a southern Baptist media production company, Beth Moore became a cornerstone of women’s ministry.

Beth Moore has undoubtedly influenced many Christian women through her teachings, highlighting her brave stance against Donald Trump, who has allegedly committed sexually assault against several women yet continues to receive support from the Southern Baptist Convention. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Beth thought Trump’s disgusting actions and words were borderline criminal, according to NP12.

She expected Southern Baptist leaders to share her outrage, and when they continued to support Trump, she felt betrayed and disappointed and also decided to walk away from the SBC. Moore also rallied against allegations of sexual misconduct against women by Southern Baptist leaders, which surfaced in 2016. She suffered because of her decision. Her book sales plunged, as did sales of tickets to her events. and living-proof ministries lost nearly $2 million in 2017–2019.


Legacy: her contribution to Christian society

Beth Moore uses the people and stories in the Bible as allegories of Christian life to explain how Christians can be defeated or victorious.  She also self-published her first book, “Things Perceived,” in 1993, which covers every area of a human’s life and God’s love, to help people cherish relationships, love each other, and memories.



A generation of female bible teachers, authors, and ministry leaders saw a place for themselves in the Southern Baptist Convention and society at large because of the example set by Beth Moore. Even though she no longer sees a place for herself in the denomination, they continue to stand for the conviction she helped stir within them and are hoping for a wake-up call.



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