10 Things You need To know About The Mountain of Mercy, Erio

Incredible Things You should Know About Babalola Prayer Mountain, Erio (ORI OKE AANU)


Babalola’s mountain in Erio town Ekiti state is a very sacred place where God makes the impossible possible. People that have visited this mountain and participated in the annual Babalola’s power explosion have been blessed with huge testimonies.  Here are a few things to know about this special place.

  1. Erio is a micro-community with a population of about 50,000 houses that accommodates one of the most popular prayer mountains in the world, Oke Aanu (Mountain of Mercy) or New Jerusalem, which was founded by the late founder of CAC, Evangelist Ayo Babalola, in the 1930s.
Crowd at Erio mountain during Babalola’s power explosion’23
  1. Baba (Apostle Joseph, as he was fondly called) was said to have established that prayer mountain as a place where God answers prayer based on spiritual directives and evidence that produces a bountiful harvest.
  2. The establishment of Ori Oke Aanu made the people of the community renounce their deity (Olodeode) and follow Christ.
  3. Another side attraction to the venue is a section where an altar of prayer with bells was raised (Babalola’s prayer house). This sacred section is out of bounds for women, but men are permitted to pray there as rightly inscribed on the signpost.
  4. About 2 kilometers from the altar of prayer lies the healing water, reportedly having no sources and never drying. What a mystery! This water was used to cure all diseases and illnesses and to give barren women the ability to carry a child.

The healing water is situated on the outskirts of the mountain and takes about 30 minutes to locate with the help of white pointed arrow signs directing it.

  1. The wearing of shoes on the mountain is prohibited.
  2. Do not eat, smoke, or excrete on the rock.
  3. The lighting of candles is prohibited.
  4. No prophet or prophetess is on the rock.
  5. Do you seek seclusion? Do you need an environment to pray and meditate? Erio Mountain is the best place to go.


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